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IP telephony support and maintenance

IP telephony installation – is a perfect way to save costs and increase the efficiency of the office. Our specialists will help to choose the most optimal IP ATS based on your needs, install and setup it in the shortest possible time.
The installation of the IP telephony systems in the office have the following key advantages:
  • Saving costs on local and international calls.
    For the companies with multiple locations the IP telephony solution allows to connect all the offices into one single network. Thanks to this such network can be administered by just one person and inter-office calls are completely free.
  • Possibility to introduce remote working places. Your employees, being in any location, will be able to use the IP telephony like they are at the office: have free calls to internal numbers, secretary can forward calls to them. This allows to save money on working space rent, furniture and so on as well as increase the efficiency of work.
  • Possibility to integrate IP telephony and business software (CRM and ERP).
  • Minimal time frames for equipping of new working place or relocation: it is just required to setup a calls forwarding and the user will be available on the same number as before.
  • The calls control system for each employee. Useful reports allow to estimate how many calls had made this or that employee, where he called to, how much money had been spent on local and international calls.
  • The call recording systems can help to significantly increase the quality of customer service.